My name is Zac Campbell.
I am a Guitar/Bass teacher.
I teach all styles of Guitar and Bass playing, in a fun and contemporary style.

My aim is to be able to make each student a self-sufficient musician, ie to be able to listen to a piece of music and to be able to work it out for themselves, also to be able to improvise and jam along with any type of music/musician they might encounter.

To do this I teach the theory and scales and tricks of the trade in an easy to understand way. I have also helped many students to achieve very high grades in their GCSE and Rock School examinations that they wished to take.

I also specialize in music creation and composition, using and teaching some of the most up to date music software, that combined with my experience as a published songwriter to help students produce their own musical creations to keep and treasure forever.
I also believe that it is vitally important that students should be allowed to have a say and choice in what they like to learn, so I tailor some lesson plans to teaching them what they want to learn.

So if this sounds like an exciting and fun way for you to learn Guitar and Bass, with a teacher who is experienced and enthusiastic about music and your learning of it, please do not hesitate to get in touch.