Bass Excercises

Here are some exercises to test out your scales, finger work, improvisation and response time.
I have tried to make the scale runs as exciting as possible.

No matter how boring scale runs can be they will always help your playing!!!

Test out your improvisation techniques to help you create lines like your favourite players, or just let loose with your solos with these two generic guitar and drum backtracks.

I’ve also provided a blank tab sheet, for you to print off & make notes on.

Bass Excercises

Minor Scale Runs (at 100bpm)

Run various minor scale patterns starting from F minor and move through all the root points of C major to improve your skills in adaptable movement and note location.
Don’t forget the F minor chord at the end!

C Major Chord Progression Arpeggios (at 115bpm)

Pick out the notes of the triad chords made by a C major scale. Don’t forget to add a C maj 7 on the end.

C Major Modes

Run through the modes of C major. Starting from C Ionian. See how fast you can run!