Guitar Excercises

Here are some exercises that will guarantee your familiarity and comfort upon the fret board.

I have tried to make them as fun as possible, but scale runs will always be scale runs!!

But rest assured these type of patterns will always crop up in all your favourite songs, so make sure you can happily play along, keep up and use your improvisational skills to show off what you can do…
I’ve also provided a blank tab sheet, for you to print off & make notes on.

Guitar Excercises

C Major Scales – EASY

An easy exercise to get warmed up with. Run your single and double C major scales there and back. Try to play them without looking at the fret board!

A Minor Runs (at 100bpm)

Run your Natural, Harmonic and Melodic single and double scales there and back. Keep it finger-per-fret as much as possible and watch out for the return on the melodic!

C Major Chord Progressions (at 90bpm)

See how quickly and smoothly you can change chords in the C Major chord progression. Don’t forget the chord order and the B min7b5!

E Minor Pentatonic Runs (at 110bpm)

Practice running all five pentatonic patterns in E minor there & back so you can solo all over the fret board.

E Minor Pentatonic Improvisation (at 120bpm)

Using E minor pentatonic patterns 1 to 5, practice your improvisation skills to develop your solo skills under pressure. Add the root chords if you can!

C Major 7 Chord Progression (at 105bpm)

Run a Major chord progression of C major 7 chords up the fret board, a bit of a squeeze when it gets up around the 12th fret – and here’s a sheet for reference.

Minor Scale Runs (at 100bpm)

Run various minor scale patterns starting from F minor and move through all the root points of C major to improve your skills in adaptable movement and note location.
Don’t forget the F minor chord at the end!

C Major Modes (at 125bpm)

Run through the modes of C major. Starting from C Ionian. See how fast you can run!