In Rorschach, I was lucky enough to play with some amazing musicians whose experience and skill far exceeded my own.
We were all keen to create a project that would move forward the generic ideas of popular music whilst still paying respect to the creative artists that had helped shape the music we loved.

The core members of Rorschach were :

Peter Huntington: Drums, Keys, Xylophone, Backing Vocals
Paul Luther: Guitars, Bass, E-bow, Keys, Backing Vocals
Jolyon Dixon: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys, Backing Vocals
Zac Campbell: Guitar & Lead Vocals

Other talented players such as Rob Harris, Daniel Fraley and Stuart Ross lent us their considerable support too.
All our music was recorded (about 50-80 songs at the last count) at Soma-Sonic in Wiltshire, where Jolyon was running the studio.
In fact Jolyon recorded, engineered and mixed all of our work with help from Paul and the rest of us.
Watching professionals at work in a studio really taught me a great deal.

We were fortunate enough to work with and have help from some amazing producers such as Neil Perry, Vic-Coppersmith Heaven, John Leckie and some fantastic management which led to signing a publishing & recording deal with President Records, for whom we recorded an album, “Needles & Pins, Shotguns & Skins“, which you can still buy for the price of a pint!

Overall I can say I’m really proud of the songs that were created with this band, the music may have been ahead of its time but I’d much rather be part of a democratic band that was striving to create something new & different than…

Please check the artists that I have mentioned here, as I am sure their huge bulk of work will entertain and impress.

I will continue to add, and rotate as much as possible, many different songs from the Rorschach library, please feel to download and tell your friends and family…