The Vicious Cabaret

This was one of the most enjoyable bands I have ever had the pleasure to be in.
Performing locally and in London, we were off the cuff and unpretentious in the most entertainingly pretentious way!!
It was all about making music fun again.

The line up was

John Budge (JB): Drums, kicking & towel duty
Chris Linney (Dr.Chris): Bass & secret disco organizer
Zac Campbell (Mr.C): Guitar, vocals & megaphone and bar stool.

From time to time we were joined by James Hingley on guitar & poses and Ben Dawson on vocals and kazoo. On our day we were a force to reckoned with.
That day and several after were caught on tape at Soundarc in Shefford.
With the help of Gareth James‘ engineering and mixing and keyboard wizardry we worked hard and recorded these tracks, I’m very proud of the quality of sound and sense of fun we managed to capture.

Do check out the artists I’ve mentioned and the projects they have involved themselves in, you won’t be disappointed.

The Vicious Cabaret